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Credit: Den E Segall


Ty Segall's band FUZZ announce their first new album in 5 years


Ty Segall has enjoyed a relatively fallow period of late (just the two records this year), due in no small part to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, it would seem that even a global lockdown can’t stop Segall as he and his band FUZZ are set to release a brand new record.

The new album news comes complete with a brand new track ‘Returning’ which sees the distorted trio lay down some typically ferocious riffs. Garage rock at its finest.

The brand new album from FUZZ will land on October 23rd via In The Red and as well as being their first since 2015’s II, it also boasts the legendary Steve Albini behind the mixing desk.

Aptly titled III, the new album is set to be another heavily riffed rock effort that puts Segall’s notorious creativity into action with aplomb.

The band are planning to go ahead with a live tour in December and are hoping to give their fans a live taste of what will undoubtedly be a potent record.

You can listen to the opening song of the album ‘Returning’ below to get a taste of what the eight-track LP will sound like. If you’re a Segall fan then you’re in for a treat.

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III tracklisting:

  1. ‘Returning’
  2. ‘Nothing People’
  3. ‘Spit’
  4. ‘Time Collapse’
  5. ‘Mirror’
  6. ‘Close Your Eyes’
  7. ‘Blind to Vines’
  8. ‘End Returning’