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Credit: Den E Segall

Ty Segall announces new deluxe box set release: 'Pig Man Lives Volume 1' 

Ty Segall, possibly the most prolific artist in recent times, has announced a brand new deluxe LP set due for release on November 1st. He continues his streak and delivers a mammoth collection of material.  

The deluxe 4 x LP set will be titled Pig Man Lives Volume 1 and will arrive next month via Drag City Records. It’s comprised of the demos that Segall and his various collaborators have made from 2007 to 2017. Naturally, that equates to a hefty amount of material for fans not already satisfied by Segall’s’ two album releases this year First Taste and Deforming Lobes.   

In the statement on Social, Drag City Records said: “Ty Segall and Sea Note put together a special box set for the freak, the fan, the head. Pig Man Lives is a stack of raw germs that were blown up in the world—specifically, the demos that bred Manipulator, Freedom’s Goblin, Emotional Mugger, Twins, Ty Segall, Slaughterhouse and Sleeper. Each finished record had its own unique aim and intention, but when you hear tracks from 2007 next to tracks from 2015, then 2012 cutting in after 2017, the splatter allows you to experience the continuum of a whole body of work exploding over and over again; there’s even a few that haven’t seen the light of day before!

You’re bound to feel different after you’ve spent any kind of quality time with The Pig Man”  

Look below at the somewhat explicit artwork: