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Credit: Scott Alario & Denée Segall


Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale share 'All Is Lost' as Wasted Shirt

Ty Segall and Lightning bolt’s Brian Chippendale, aka Wasted Shirt, will share their debut album Fungus II later this month and have now shared the new single ‘All Is Lost’.

Following on from the previously released ‘Double the Dream’, the duo have now shared a brand new effort which is as wild as it is brilliant.

The three-minute rollercoaster takes us on a wild ride as the duo produces wailing guitars, kaleidoscopic visuals, and atomic instrumentals to see both Segall and Chippendale flourish.

The track comes complete with a brand new video from director Adam Davies who uses MRI images to create a truly trippy clip. In a statement, Davies said:

“​Like it’s a melty, hot mosh pit, we wanted to crawl inside the wave of energy Ty and Brian create. We boiled and mixed clay, sliced it up and photographed the slices in sequence to match the dudes’ energy. Then while the breakdown pummels you, we blast you in the face with MRIs of humans, animals and fruit to make you go inside out to the beat​.”

Fungus II is due out on February 28th via Famous Class and puts Ty Segall back where he belongs—making music. Although we’re not sure he ever really left.

Watch the video for ‘All Is Lost’ below: