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Twin Peaks release another soaring tune with ‘Butterfly’


Far Out favourites Twin Peaks are continuing to show us why the latest LP Down In Heaven is going to be one of the must-haves of the summer. ‘Butterfly’ continues along the same vein as ‘Walk to the One You Love’ with its subtle 60’s vibe, slightly mellowing raucous riffs of previous efforts into something more melodious but still warped with fervent passion.

The band have even provided a lyric video to help you decipher the touching and veracious lyrics which are sometimes overlooked when first hearing the band. Their love of garage music seems to be ever-evolving, first leaping out of punk to something more riotous and now settling with a (still energetic) 60’s tinged sound that manages to sound retro and fresh at the same time.

Clay Frankel said of the track; “This song was written in Texas last year, when I was in a sickened state after playing twelve or so shows in five days. So the lyrics are a mixture of negativity and exhilaration. Exhilaration because I was doing what I most loved to do, and negativity because it was really taking a toll on my mind and body. Death was on the mind. Also sex. Also The Zombies (there were posters of them everywhere). So I took the gentle and fleeting image of a butterfly and a simple group of chords and lots of yelling to make a sort of doomy dance song that quite honestly could be summed up as “let’s have sex because we’re all going to die.”

“Let’s have sex because we’re all going to die”, we might get that on a t-shirt.