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Twin Peaks are back with a new album 'Lookout Low' and a new song 'Dance Through It'


The boys from Chicago, our favourite boys from Chicago in fact (suck it Smashing Pumpkins), Twin Peaks are back with news of a brand new album Lookout Low as well as a new song and video for ‘Dance Through It’.

Their new album Lookout Low will arrive to our grateful ears on September 13th via Communion Records and sees the band up their game hugely. From what we’ve heard so far it feels like the entirety of the quintet has been channelling their inner Brian Wilson and gone all Pet Sounds on the project.

Twin Peaks Soundtrack Your Week

Expect extra percussion, soulful horn arrangements, experimental soundscapes, crushingly good harmonies, and a distinct air of breezy inevitability about the critical acclaim that awaits its release. This could possibly be their best record yet.

Which is a pretty hard thing to do. Their 2014 release Wild Onion remains on top of our list of records “you might not have heard but should never be without”. Judging by the band’s new track ‘Dance Through it’ it will soon be Lookout Low on top of all our favourite album lists.

“Writing and arranging ‘Dance Through It’ felt like a dive into and embrace of experimenting with a new palette for us,” says guitarist Cadien Lake James. “After having been directly involved in the creation and direction of all of our videos, it felt fitting to allow this song the breath of collaboration in having Ariel Fisher take the helm and run with it.”

The track comes complete with a brand new video directed by Ariel Fisher and Leo Schrepel. “Working with Twin Peaks on this visual concept felt synergetic,” says Fisher. “We shared a mutual love for the film Fallen Angels and wanted to tell a story where the camera angles and lenses gradually shift as the narrative progresses. We wanted the viewer to become the participant, as we step into the actress’s shoes and begin to see the world as she sees it.”

Pre-order the album here and listen to ‘Dance Through It’ below.