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Twin Peaks make Amazon Music’s summer playlist with ‘Who’s It Gonna Be’


A gentle stroll through sunlight dappled forest floors, would be a great place to listen to the newest track from our dear friends Twin Peaks. The newest song ‘Who’s It Gonna Be’ is as genteel as the band get and makes its mark on the Amazon Music Summer Playlist.

Not ot be confused with the band’s recent announcement of their new brainchild the ‘Sweet ‘17’ series, the new song has been picked up by the conglomerate and plastered over this new playlist. The ‘Sweet ‘17’ series will not include the new track but is still a great idea.

The series is a way for the band to manoeuvre their hectic (and money-making) touring schedule alongside their desire to write new music – clever, really. The band will release one new track a month and you can join up via their website.

Take a listen to ‘Who’s It Gonna Be’ and make your way to the aforementioned forest.