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Twin Peaks give us ‘Walk to the One You Love’ and announce LP 'Down In Heaven'

Ever since their latest LP Wild Onion bowled its way across our ears with its comforting swagger and even bolshier nuance we have been happy to hear anything Twin Peaks have had to offer. Be it the best way to soundtrack your week or their gentile and slightly stoned words. Luckily now we have some new music to listen to and a new album on the way.

Get your ears around ‘Walk to the One You Love’ and enjoy the slouched back 60’s canter of the Chicago boys sound. Decisively hazy and entirely sun drenched the song wouldn’t sound out of place in the golden fields of a by-gone generation, all with a modern flair added on top.

Taken from the forthcoming LP Down In Heaven which is out via Communion on May 13th.

The band have a habit of making retro sounds feel modern and ‘Walk to the One You Love’ is no different. Its gentle and tripping but with enough veracity to make it tangible and authentic. It’s a welcome return for Twin Peaks, one we hope will continue in to the new LP.

01 Walk To the One You Love
02 Wanted You
03 My Boys
04 Butterfly
05 You Don’t
06 Cold Lips
07 Heavenly Showers
08 Keep It Together
09 Getting Better
10 Holding Roses
11 Lolisa
12 Stain
13 Have You Eve