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Twin Peaks Give Us 'Flavor' Live at 100 Club


Chicago garage punks, Twin Peaks have unveiled a new video for their recent single ‘Flavor’ which comes from the critically acclaimed Wild Onion LP, which above all else (and other publications) we fucking loved. Now they’ve released some footage of when they tore the 100 club a new one.

The band are a bunch of miscreants, and we of course mean that in the nicest way possible, but they are. Their garage sound is heavily influenced by The Black Lips among others and ‘Flavor’ is no different. Twin Peaks dance around the punk scene, so what better venue to film the video than the infamous 100 club. They may be jigging across the genre-border of garage and punk but they carried with them a sense of true unabashed identity.

“Hey, we are the good guys. And we’ve come to fuck shit up”.

There’s something about their humility and honesty that shines through the band as musicians and people, that was the message that came through most strongly when we met them at their 100 club gig. It was a fantastically sweaty night filled with beer throwing and over-zealous temptation to tear the place apart – for the good of the scene, of course but it’s over-arching theme was the feeling that maybe, just maybe these guys were special.

It’s nice to have video evidence to back up this claim, so for that we thank you Twin Peaks, you beautiful fuck-ups you.

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