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Twin Peaks get all animated for ‘Holding Roses’ video


One of our favourite bands of the last few years the Chicago quintet are still reeling from the acclaim their recent LP Down In Heaven which hit shelves in May. One of the stand out tracks from the album was ‘Holding Roses’ and now we have the video to go with it.

The video is typical Twin Peaks, local (it was made in collaboration with Goons, another creative from Chicago), psychedelic and colourful, and alweays with reference to their fans.

Goons says, “This video features the band in a crazy, crazy world, zooming from place to place always revealing the bigger (or smaller) picture. For source images I drew the band in as I found them online and combined them with my own creations of fans to make a wild butterfly effect of interconnectedness to reflect how fast Twin Peaks’ music travels. In the end, we see that it has all come from one dude’s perspective. Maybe that is the spirit of the band: the older rocker dude looking back and enjoying the crazy ride.”

Take a look below and enjoy.