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Is this the 'Twin Peaks' 2020 release we've been hearing about?

In the last few weeks, the unmistakable sound of internet murmurings had started to ring out with “damn fine coffee” all over social media as hints of a new series for Twin Peaks were seemingly being dropped. But, perhaps, we’ve all got it a bit wrong as David Lynch’s diehard fans point out, maybe it’s the once-promised Twin Peaks VR Experience that will actually be arriving next year.

A year ago, the internet was again aflutter with news of Twin Peaks related paraphernalia seemingly in the area. Following on from 2017’s third series there was to be a Virtual Reality Experience released, all coming at you with an ‘official merch’ tag to boot!

The experience was looking to cover all 3 seasons and was even debuted at the Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles. It would be the peek inside Lynch and Mark Frost’s dream world that everyone was hoping for.

The press release at the time stated the VR Experience would be: “Bringing life to the world of TWIN PEAKS like never before, Twin Peaks VR includes iconic moments and settings from 2017’s 18-part limited event series TWIN PEAKS, as well as the original landmark television series. Utilizing lines and sounds from the show itself, players will travel to Glastonbury Grove, only to end up in the puzzling Red Room. Fans of the series will follow in the footsteps of Special Agent Dale Cooper and try to make their way back into the life they left behind.”

Cut to 2019 and as rumours begin to swirl around the possibility of a new ‘release’ for 2020 fans and critics alike all naturally assumed a new series would be on the way. Cue people losing their shit. But it is far more likely for the VR Experience to be the new output from the franchise, as fans attempts at the VR experience will tell you, these things can take a long time.

With no word from either David Lynch or Showtime (who the VR Experience was licensed too) we can only continue to speculate. But, we’re sorry to say, we think that it is far more likely to be an app than another appearance at Twin Peaks.

Source: Open Culture / Welcome to Twin Peaks