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(Credit: HBO)


Watch the cast of Twin Peaks talk about how their characters have changed over time

Even after being cancelled back in 1991, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks still remains one of the greatest television series of all time. The surreal and absurd dialectic of Lynch’s universe has been critically appreciated and has been immortalised in popular culture. Some 27 years since its brilliant first two seasons, Twin Peaks returned with a third season which consisted of 18 quite brilliant episodes in 2017. Most of the original cast reunited for the revival along with many new actors who were introduced to the strange world of Twin Peaks.

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, Peggy Lipton, who played the character of Norma Jennings in the show, said that: “Twenty-five years later, back in the same space. Some things have changed but a lot hasn’t changed. A lot has stayed the way it was and still, the way I think the fans would like it…take me back to where we left off.”

Adding: “Now we get to come back more grown up with a level of wisdom we didn’t have”, Sherilyn Fenn who portrayed the character of Audrey Horne in the original series was excited about revisiting the show after all these years. “For me, so much appreciation because just the idea to revisit it again as a grown-up woman is kind of a dream come true.

“It’s been a number of years and we are all different,” Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper in the show) reflected.

“Obviously, you bring all those world experiences with you in the creation of a character. Cooper is similar but anyone after all those years would be slightly different.”

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