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Twin Peaks are ‘Holding Roses’


A heartfelt and touching track is not often what you expect from the Chicago garage-rockers Twin Peaks. But that is exactly what you get form the third cut ‘Holding Roses’ from the upcoming LP In Heaven.  

It still has all the nuance we have come to expect from Twin Peaks. Bundles of character, the odd garage hint and sixties sway all wrapped up in a fresh a fitting sound.

Vocalist / Guitarist Cadien Lake James said of the song: ”Something I appreciate about ‘Holding Roses’ is that while it clearly seems to be about the end of a relationship, whomever it’s with isn’t ever specified; I didn’t first think of it as a girlfriend leaving, but of the exit of a friend, the passing of someone close.

“When we were recording it, I remember everybody getting giddy riffing on the percussion grooves entering in the second verse, where the live kit drops out for a couple measures, replaced with a number of tambourines, claps, and shakers we ran through our space echo with the addition of some “ooh’s” and “ah’s.”

“Things came alive with overdubs back in Chicago: the piano part really cemented some melodies between vocals and our friend Will Miller laid down a muted trumpet that completed the process.”

The band will play The Barfly in London tonight with support from Far Out Favourites Thee MVPs, that is sure to be one hell of a gig!