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‘Twin Peaks’ actor Clark Middleton dies aged 63


Clark Middleton, the actor who famously appeared in David Lynch series Twin Peaks, has passed away at the age of 63.

Middleton, who is also well known for his supporting roles in projects such as Kill Bill: Vol. 2Sin CityFringeThe Blacklist and more, died from complications of West Nile Virus, a disease which is commonly spread across the United States during mosquito season.

The news of the actor’s death was confirmed by his wife, Elissa Middleton, who released an official statement: “With heavy hearts we announce the passing of a life eminently worthy of celebration: Clark Tinsley Middleton, 63 – beloved actor, writer, director, teacher, hero, husband, beacon, friend,” she wrote.

“Clark transitioned on October 4th as a result of West Nile Virus, for which there is no known cure. Clark was a beautiful soul who spent a lifetime defying limits and advocating for people with disabilities.

“Thank you for your love and support for My Mister,” Elissa Middleton said in a post on Twitter. “I cannot count the number of times he said ‘Give the world your best and the best will come back to you,’ quoting his father Mel. And he meant it! He is in the light, happy and free, and sends love.”

Continuing in a separate post on social media, she wrote: “I am so happy thinking of his newfound freedoms and I know his transition will be graced by the beautiful souls he loved who preceded him. We are so happy you loved him too and hope you will join us celebrating his remarkable life.”

In a separate statement, Jon Bokenkamp, the writer of The Blacklist in which Middleton played a starring role, wrote: “I’m heartbroken. Besides being a truly unique and gifted actor, Clark was simply an incredible guy in every way,” Bokenkamp said.

“He was a whip-smart film nut. He loved his work with a passion. And he was insanely generous of spirit … I know his entire family at The Blacklist is devastated by this news. Clark was one of the good ones, and we lost him way too soon.”