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(Credit: Pooneh Ghana)


Tune-Yards share new single 'Hold Yourself'

Tune-Yards - 'Hold Yourself'

Tune-Yards have shared their brand new soulful single, ‘Hold Yourself’.

The track comes straight from singer Merrill Garbus’s heart, offering up an emotional almost gospel number that has an optimistic message running through their latest release. Whilst the song deals with disappointment and anger, Garbus delivers a sermon that channels this incensed feeling about how previous generations have left the world into hope.

On the joyful chorus, Garbus sings: “Hold ourselves now, Yes, we will hold ourselves now, No choice of when and who knows how, But we will hold ourselves now, Hold ourselves now, Yes, we will hold ourselves now, No choice of when and we are learning how, But we will hold ourselves now.”

In a statement, Garbus commented: “This song is about feeling really betrayed by my parents’ generation, and, at the same time, really seeing how we are betraying the future.”

Simultaneously, as they shared ‘Hold Yourself’ with the world, Tune-Yards has also announced details of their highly-anticipated fifth album, sketchy, which is due on March 26th through 4AD. This record is the duo’s first studio album in three years since 2018’s, I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life, and if lead single, ‘Nowhere, Man’ and ‘Hold Yourself’ are anything to go by, then Tune-Yards have got their fun back.

The singles are a world away from their last project, the score for Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You in 2019. Seemingly that time spent flexing their musical muscles in other directions has benefitted them greatly as they return to more tried and tested territories. “I started remembering that people come to us to be entertained, to move, to feel joy,” Garbus commented. “And together, I think, we can wake up.”

‘Hold Yourself’ is as entertaining as Garbus intended. It manages to both be a catchy eccentric and unconventional pop song that is enchanting, but, there’s also a message that Tune-Yards manage to get across succinctly on the heartfelt track.