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Tronical, the exclusive licensor of auto-tuning, sues Gibson Guitars for $50million

Tronical, a German company whose automatic guitar tuning systems were first released in 2013, has announced the news of a legal case Gibson worth in excess of $50 million.

Tronical, based in Hamburg since 2005, have had their case against Gibson pending before the Hamburg State Court since December 2017. Tronical have become the unrivalled leaders of the auto-tuning industry since their formation and began targeting new guitar fans attempting ot learn the instrument. Their new Powertune System is easily fitted to almost any guitar or new learners can simply purchase the instrument with a Powertune System fitted ex-factory.

The results allow a guitar to be automatically tuned within a few seconds using their free app.

Tronica’s case against Gibson comes after their patented auto-tuning system appeared on Gibson’s controversial 2015 range and marketed under the name ‘G-Force’. However, G-Force returned mixed results from some sceptical guitar lovers and it was later assigned to High Performance electrics only in the 2016 and 2017.

The case comes at a difficult time for the iconic guitar company who face major battles to avoid administration as crippling debt threatens to end their longstanding influence on the music industry.

Gibson have a $375 million bond due to be paid the 23rd of July and it will trigger $145 million to be added to that total if it’s not paid in full by then.

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