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(Credit: NIN)


Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win 'Best Original Score' at Golden Globes


Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have secured Best Original Score’s original score at the 2021 Golden Globe Awards for their effort on Soul. The Late Show’s Jon Batiste was also honoured for his work on Pixar movie, and Soul also won Best Animated Feature Film.

The Nine Inch Nails duo were also nominated for their score on Mank. The other nominees they were up against were Ludwig Göransson’s work on Tenet, Alexandre Desplat’s The Midnight Sky, and James Newton Howard for News of the World. This soundtrack was the first time that Reznor and Ross have teamed up to work on a children’s film, which was a situation they revelled in.

“This is the first work of art I’ve ever made that I can show to my kids,” Reznor said during his acceptance speech. ​”Our first step is always to listen and really try to understand where the filmmakers are coming from: what they’re seeing, what they’re imagining.

“We spent a lot of time discussing how you’re supposed to feel when you’re first exposed to the Soul world. Then we went back to our studio, which is filled with a variety of real, imagined and synthetic instruments, and spent the first chunk of time experimenting with different arrangements and different instruments and seeing what felt emotionally right to create the fabric of this world.”

Reznor previously explained to CoS: “There’s a childlike enthusiasm and positivity and openness, where quite frequently during the process, we would start working with very rough animated storylines that do a surprisingly good job of conveying watching the film, with temp voice acting and temp music, and you get a real sense of what the picture’s going to be like. And they’ll show an animatic to the entire team, and I mean hundreds of people and Pete Docter [writer-director of Soul] would sit for three hours and listen to every comment.

“Did you like this? Did you like that? That makes sense. Fill up this part. And two months later, there’s a movie that might have a radically different ending or middle or new character that comes into the meeting. And that’s kind of the fluid process that there might not be later on if you were filming actors on a set,” he added.

This is Reznor and Ross’ second time winning the Golden Globe for Best Original Score after receiving the prize in 2011 for The Social Network. The duo also received Golden Globe nominations in 2012 for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and 2014 for Gone Girl.