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Trementina make Chilean shoegaze perfect for a sunny morning


After being recently denied entrance to US by immigration authorities and therefore having their SXSW trip stopped before it even started, you could forgive Trementina for feeling a bit upset. But to listen to their brilliant debut LP 810 is to feel almost instantly uplifted. They have shared the video for ‘Oh Child’ and with it have made our morning a little sunnier.

The trio take the dreamy sound of shoegaze, splash it with a few pop sensibilities and away they go. Sounding like the first splash of a waterbomb in a summer spree, the track genuinely made us all smile in the office. Not a lot of artists do that. Lead singer Vanessa Cea has a soaring voice which feels like melting ice cream and the rhythm section of the band provides ample coverage for such a range.

“This a song for people that doesn’t want to fit in the adult shoes that they force you to wear,” says Trementina. “The world shouldn’t be a disappointing place for dreamer eyes.”

The video for ‘Oh Child’ is just as nostalgic and we suggest you watch it as soon as humanly possible. Trust us, it will make you feel better. 810 is out via Burger Records now.