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(Credit: Travis)


Travis frontman Fran Healy "mauled" by sausage dog


Say what you will about the music of Travis, but Fran Healy seems like a standup guy. He’s a father, he’s active in philanthropy, and he’s managed to keep a band together for three decades. The Scottish singer recently shared a story on Twitter that seemed to confirm this, at least initially.

“I was driving down my hill and as I rounded a corner there were three cars jackknifed and from the middle of the chaos ran a daschund [sic],” Healy says. Now a resident of Los Angeles, Healy came across the accident attempted to rescue the dog from almost certain death.

“So I jumped out and chased it up the hill. Cars bomb down our hill and it would have been toast.” That’s where things took a turn. Perhaps spooked by a strange chasing after it, or maybe just tired of ‘Sing’ for the billionth time, the dog turned on Healy.

“So I tried to pick it up and it mauled the shit out [of] my left hand. I held on, hoping to chuck it into our porch but then I slipped and it bolted off, leaving me pishing blood all over the shop.”

The story also involves hunky firefighters, an urgent care with a Richard Pryor photo, and Fleetwood Mac. The dog was rescued by its owner not long afterwards, who turned out to be living in Stevie Nicks’ old house (I don’t know how Healy is privy to this information, but I won’t quibble).

At the end of the story, Healy contemplates whether to take a break from the guitar and asks The Sun not to use the headline ‘Travis Singer Mauled By Sausage Dog In Hollywood Hills’. The thing is: that line is too good not to use, so since we’re not The Sun, we’ll steal it for ourselves. Thanks Fran, hope you recover well.

Check out the thread with the full story down below.