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Trash Bloom - Young Man

Hallelujah, it’s Saturday and we’re feeling a bit sexy at Far Out (could this be the start of sexy Saturdays? No.), of course this means one thing and one thing only, time for another tune that reflects the mood we’re in and would you believe it… we’ve got the perfect Track of the Day selection in mind.

Parisian outfit ‘Trash Bloom‘ have been on our radar for some time now, don’t ask how, I mean they’re not exactly well known, it’s just one of those fantastic bits of serendipity that as a music journalist you dream of; you’ll be sat there trawling through online, and physical, pages then all of a sudden it seems like the big G.O.D blesses you with a nice little surprise, or points you in the right direction at least.

Signed to Black Totem Records, another Paris dwelling musical entity, ‘Young Man’ was released just before the turn of the New Year as part of storming debut EP ‘Jungle’. To me, the tune unintentionally (or maybe not) carries that subtly seduction entwined in a numbers like ‘Spooky’ by Dusty Springfield, although I’m fully aware that the two bodies couldn’t be further apart.

If we’re looking to really dissect the band then what better way to ask them of their own opinion? Well, that’s we did, here’s what Arsène, lead vocalist and main Trash Bloom architect had to say:

“So, this EP was recorded by two guys, one is multi instrumentalist and played all the instruments, the other is sound engineer and addict of drum machine. It was recorded at home, in my bedroom during the last 2 months as an experimental project but two other guys will join the band to play live”.

“Trash Bloom want to be the intuition of beauty when desperate feeling win your head. I think we’re influenced by sounds of 80’s and 90’s, and we try to do a mixture between a new cold wave with hope, and a grunge with love. About the musical reference, I don’t know where to begin, Alan Vega, Dirty Beaches, Thee Maximators”.

“We come from Paris, in the district of Chinese Bitches, in the dirty Belleville. Is that ok for you?”

That’s absolutely fine for me Arsène, couldn’t have said it better myself.

Joshua Hevicon