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Trampolene's Jack Jones shares debut solo tracks 'Swim Up' and 'It's Not My Thing'


Jack Jones from Welsh three-piece Trampolene and Peter Doherty’s Puta Madres has made the foray into becoming a solo artist with the release of his debut split single ‘Swim Up’ and ‘It’s Not My Thing’.

‘Swim Up’ was premiered on Huw Stephens show on Radio 1 last week and sees the Welshmen link up with Mike Moore from Liam Gallagher’s band who produced the tracks as well as featuring Stereophonics’ Jamie Morrison playing the drums for Jack.

The tracks are a far cry from the chaotic sounds of Trampolene with ‘Swim Up’ and ‘It’s Not My Thing’ having a more poppy, synthy feel to them.

Far Out recently caught up with Jack who talked all things Trampolene, touring with Liam Gallagher as well as the moment he re-reopened The Bataclan in Paris with Peter Doherty in 2016.

Jack also opened up to us about Pete’s birthday this year, which sounded eventful to say the least: “I survived, which is my claim to fame. I survived Pete Doherty’s birthday,” he says proudly. “We were in France, we played a gig in a fisherman’s pub without anyone knowing to 20 fishermen. Pete loved it. He thought it was the best gig he’s ever done, and it was fucking great. They couldn’t pay us, they could only give us the rum they make in the pub, so they were just giving it to us constantly throughout the show so by the end of it we were all completely steaming. Me and Peter ended up in the sea swimming then I woke up at 11 the next day and both of us had our heads down on the dining table, we looked at each other and decided it was best go to bed.”

The single will be available on digital download (available now) and limited edition 7” vinyl and CD single through Mi7 Records Friday 7 September and can be pre-ordered here.