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Watch the trailer for new Park Chan-Wook film 'Decision to Leave'

There have been many exciting additions to this year’s Cannes lineup, ranging from a brand new David Cronenberg body horror work to a Claire Denis project. Among them, one upcoming film that has caught the attention of film fans everywhere is a new mystery thriller by none other than Park Chan-Wook.

The South Korean filmmaker has developed a global reputation for his penchant for thrillers, especially due to the popularity of films such as Oldboy. His last directorial project was the acclaimed gem The Handmaiden which was cited as one of the greatest thrillers of the last decade by many critics and fans.

Park Chan-Wook has returned to the world of cinema with a film titled Decision to Leave which has been marketed as a detective story. According to the reports that have surfaced about the project, it will follow the journey of a detective who falls in love with a widow even though she is the prime suspect in a murder case.

In an interview, the director said: “I would like to make better films, the kind of films that will stay in people’s memory for a long time. And the kinds of films that would be screened at cinematheques time and time again, and people would revisit them on Blu-rays, and what have you. In terms of genres, I’d love to try my hand at a Western, sci-fi movie, spy movie, musical… I haven’t done any of those yet.”

Ahead of the Cannes premiere of Decision to Leave, the new trailer for the film has been released and it seems like it will be an engaging cinematic experience just like Park Chan-Wook’s other projects. While he probably won’t venture into the genres he wanted to explore, a new Park Chan-Wook thriller is always a treat.

Watch the new trailer for Decision to Leave below.