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Watch the trailer for the new mountain climbing thriller 'The Ledge'

2022 is going to be a year bursting with movies. Much like the music industry, the film industry is priming itself for the release of numerous blockbusters as it looks the pandemic might be on the back foot again. One film that has the potential to either be a hit or a disaster is The Ledge, a climbing-based thriller that will give a sinister twist on all the time we’ve enjoyed in the great outdoors over the course of the pandemic. 

From the trailer, it looks less Mission: Impossible 2 and more like an Americanised version of the British cult thriller, A Lonely Place to Die, apart from this time, the sinister mercenaries have been replaced by a group of incels wrapped up in fratboy physiques, with the murderous leader of the group delivering some hilarious statements in the short clip. 

The plot follows Kelly, who goes to bed early to prepare for a morning mountain climb. However, she’s awoken by the screams of her friend Sophie in the middle of the night, who stayed up with a group of men they bumped into earlier in the day. Desperate to save Sophie, Kelly runs away into the forest, using her GoPro as her GPS. 

However, it’s too late. She arrives to see Sophie’s body being thrown off a ledge, which she captures on her camera. Frightened, Kelly free-climbs up the barren mountain, pursued by the group of murderous Alphas, who want to silence her and dispose of the evidence. What ensues is a tense pursuit. 

Directed by Howard J. Ford, and written by Tom Boyle, the upcoming thriller also stars Ben Lamb and Nathan Welsh. It is set for release on Digital Platforms on March 14th, and will arrive in stores on March 21st.

Watch the trailer for The Ledge below.