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(Credit: RLJE Films)


Watch the trailer for new Keira Knightley film 'Silent Night'

After playing the role of a feminist activist in last year’s film Misbehaviour, Keira Knightley is set to star in a brand new comedy-drama called Silent Night. Directed by Camille Griffin, Silent Night is a Christmas movie that is contextualised within the larger framework of an imminent environmental collapse which can annihilate the entirety of human civilisation.

In an interview, Griffin explained: “Silent Night follows a group of old boarding school friends and their loved ones as they reunite to celebrate Christmas and their pasts — but not their futures, as a deadly environmental eruptions threaten them and the rest of the human race. The film investigates the lengths they’re prepared to go to in order to avoid suffering and to protect the ones they love.”

While talking about the arduous process of getting the film made, Griffin revealed: “Silent Night was funded by private equity. I spent 20-odd years training in the film industry, writing, applying, more training, more writing, and more applications, while making one short film after another, all in an attempt to get funded within the UK.”

Adding, “After years of hovering on short lists, I realised I was looking to the gatekeepers for their approval, their permission to make films, and it wasn’t working. It was endlessly painful and confusing, as I had to believe that my work carried some value, yet they didn’t want to fund my films. I had to either give up entirely or find another way. I gave up on them and eventually it gave me courage to look elsewhere for support, [then] Matthew Vaughn opened his door to me and it was the right place for me to be.”

Griffin also urged female filmmakers to step up: “Tell your stories and stand up for yourself, your voice, your vision, and whenever you can, support other women, support the unrepresented, share your good fortune, and don’t be greedy. Be respectful of how precious these opportunities are. Most importantly, train at your craft, don’t rush, don’t be impatient, which is my hardest lesson in life. Be good at what you do, study, prepare, and practice. Prove to everyone that women should be given a landscape to make films. Be excellent, so that when it happens no opportunity is wasted.”

Kiera Knightley’s new project Silent Night is set to feature a stellar cast, including the likes of Matthew Goode, Annabelle Wallis and Roman Griffin Davis among others. After its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Silent Night will have its theatrical release on December 3rd.

Watch the new trailer for the film below.