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TRAAMS – Silver Lining

TRAAMS, apart from being right slap bang in the middle of a musical movement of post-punk which is slowly killing every laptop lothario this side of Dalsto-Hack-Shoreditch or wherever the cool kids hang, are slowly churning out hit after hit for their upcoming lp Modern Dancing.  

‘Silver Lining’ is the latest and it’s our Track of the Day.

Maintaining a solid rhythm throughout the song it marches through the doldrums with the promise of a shining lining of moody dancing. It ticks all the boxes for that front.

Methodically moving through the post-punk genre to something with a modern twist. The vocals swerve over the melody and make this a clear winner, complete this with the controlled and seething energy TRAAMS posses and yet again they prove why they are such favourites among the cliteratti of East London.


The track listing for Modern Dancing is as follows:

  1. Costner
  2.  A∩B
  3. Succulent Thunder Anthem
  4. Sister
  5. Silver Lining
  6. Modern Dancing
  7. Neckbrace
  8. Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme (Love)
  9. Two Sides
  10. Car Song
  11. Bite Mark