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Traams - Klaus


Trancey, fuzzy, driven, garage wave rock that confronts the senses, TRAAMS’ Klaus is a perfect song you could lie on your bed to and drift away in its sheer presence. The warming image of sailing down old England’s winding roads at midnight with the hazy glow of headlights and this record blasting the stereo out is too fitting, while the drive of the new album (Grin) Klaus is taken from, on a whole, is mesmerising too.

The Chichester trio, together since 2011, have done themselves proud with their solid debut. Its catchy hooks and looping drum beats make it very appealing and easy to lose your mind in. When this tune first hits the airwaves surrounding your ears, it sends you to a seat, calms you down and you go with it. Just go, keep going into that weirdly therapeutic, warm but dark place.

The 7 minutes you get from the Klaus experience is fulfilled with pinching guitar leads and rhythmically arousing, gorilla ride beat and bass with more fuzz than a vintage porno. The vocals sit back almost indecipherable and let the music swim, but picking up his vocal style from the whole album, they like to ride in the back seat and finish you off with that subdued and stoned bark. I can’t help to think of how good a live the band they could possibly be.

Currently on a European tour with punk legends Wire I can see the band doing exceptionally well enchanting streams of foreign hearts. One thing is for certain, I’ll be catching them back in Old Blighty when they return.

 Lee Broadbent