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TRAAMS give us new video for 'Neckbrace'


The south coast band have given us another tasty little morsel of a video, this time for one of the stand out tracks from their recent LP Modern Dancing the brilliantly droll ‘Neckbrace’ – this one features a heavy amount of dogs. Obviously.

The release comes after Modern Dancing was released in November last year to critical acclaim and the ever-present shuffle of dancing feet. Whilst it also precedes the bands headline tour in March.

The track strikes a whole heap of sardonic Britpop chords without feeling beer-drenched or smelling of garlic sauce. It feels like genuine indie music, from a genuinely good band. Genuine!

“We were looking at ideas and concepts for the video, and we really wanted to do something visually that tied in with how we sound and particularly the experience of seeing us live,” say the band, when speaking about John Fitzpatrick and Archie Sinclair directing the video. “We kept coming back to the idea of repetition and sustaining images for slightly longer than you would expect. Just retaining a simple shot, almost like a portrait. We then substituted ourselves for dogs, because dogs are better.”

Take a look below, but beware. Some dogs eyes may include the window to your soul.