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TRAAMS - Giddy

After what must feel like a frantic, surreal breakthrough completing a European tour with Wire as well as a UK and EU headline tour of their own, Chichester based three-piece TRAAMS returned rejuvenated with their first release of 2014 EP, Cissa.

Their debut album titled Grin, produced by the superb pairing of Rory Atwell and MJ of Hookworms, attempted to capture the restless sensation that defines growing up in a small town. It screams and yelps, twists and turns, relentlessly releasing a fractured, fearsome energy.

Building to Beacons, we can’t wait to get a load of this set of songs that feels like it came from a similar place, reinvesting in the creative team of Rory and MJ proves to be an inspired mix, opening track ‘Giddy’ is Far Out’s Track of the Day.

9 August Beacons Festival, Vice Stage, Heslaker Farm, Skipton, UK

1. Giddy
2. Marbles
3. Selma
4. Carousel
5. Cissa