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TOUTS return with 'Shane MacGowan's New Teeth'

TOUTS - 'Shane MacGowan's New Teeth'

Until recently Shane MacGowan’s Chernoblyed gnashers could quite easily be likened to resembling a terraced alley on bin day. Now, however, his pearly whites are a charming threat to retinas the world over and seem as pleasantly out of place as a reasonably priced ploughman and pickle in heart of Peking. This oddity and a thousand others are rattled through in the rampant new ditty from TOUTS with the brilliantly titled track ‘Shane MacGowan’s New Teeth’.

The teenage punks from Derry surprisingly want to address this issue as a matter of urgency, along with Kanye West’s presidential run and a slew of other barely intelligible issues owing to the rough and tumble production of the piece. Not that the lack of a crisp lyrical recital is a particular issue, you can get the gist from the fevered and frolicking tone alone as surreal modernity is not quite put under the microscope and more so hit with a wrecking ball before the band dance upon the rubble. 

This, however, is punk on the cerebral end of the scale. Proof for that even comes from the possible Simon & Garfunkel reference casually strewn in the band’s press release. “Shane McGowan’s New Teeth is “a simple desultory philippic” against the overlooked absurdity of our modern lives,” TOUTS’ Matthew Crossan elucidates, “and the seeming inescapable throwaway culture that many of us celebrate.”

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The press release then continues to state that the band have “done away with their ‘16/17-year-old frustration and all that sh*t’ and mellowed to more subtly express their distaste, the new TOUTS are preparing to tour again in 2022.” If there new sound – akin to a trashier take on fellow upper-case rockers SKATERS – is anything to go by then, the forthcoming shows should be crackers.

This latest single shows a band that have matured in a happily juvenile way. As John Cooper Clarke once said of The Ramones, TOUTS seem to recognise that “it is better to have clever lyrics about moronic subjects than the other way round.” Snotty and asocial in delivery and the brisk brevity of their sound offers up immediacy and originality in an age where more bands seem to be looking for highbrow nods and ultimately missing the point. 

You can check out the refreshing single below, and we’ll be sure to let you know when news of their forthcoming tour arrives. For now, enjoy their riotous sound in a bonfire of surrealities tempered by the cognizant caution of ‘we all love a good time, but let’s ensure there’s some actual listenable substance in the mania’.