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Torres dropped by label 4AD for "not being commercially successful enough"

Torres has shared via Twitter that she will no longer be on the 4AD roster as she has been dropped by the label for, in her words, “not being commercially successful enough”.

The announcement form the artist comes as the label have cut short her three album deal, which she has only fulfilled a third of currently, and hits as a shock for not only the artist but for an audience seemingly very happy with her output.

She stated that 4AD “has decided to drop me from a 3 album deal for not being commercially successful enough. I wish them all the best. Also, fuck the music industry.”

Torres’ only album with the label, Three Futures, came out last year. Her 2015 album Sprinter was released via Partisan. It is very hard to gauge the wider response to an artist and it will be hugely affected by the direction a label may have in mind for that artist. 4AD may have been expecting a world beater when in fact they got a cult-classic.

Either way, we know this isn’t the end for Torres. Expect more from this charge!