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TOPS - Change Of Heart / Sleeptalker

TOPS are a four-piece band from Montreal, equal parts girls and guys, delivering a raw punk take on AM studio pop. Their forthcoming record, Picture You Staring features Far Out’s double-whammy Track of the Day ‘Change Of Heart back’ backed with ‘Sleeptalker’ on a 7″ record.

Singer Jane Penny gives a new voice to the silent girl at the edge of the circle, disillusioned but honest, a tone complemented by David Carriere’s fluid guitar playing and the measured drumming of Riley Fleck.

‘Change Of Heart / Sleeptalker’ gathers strength through intimacy. Self-written, recorded and produced at Arbutus Record’s studio in Montreal, these are impeccable examples of pop craftsmanship that will reward repeat listens, Jane Penny said:

“Sleeptalker is a deeply personal song for me. I wrote it at a time when I felt trapped by music. The song is about dark thoughts and the things people do to get through the night. I find solace in it now and I’m proud of the recording that we made.”

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