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(Credit: Jerry Bruckheimer)


'Top Gun: Maverick' crosses $900 million at global box-office

Many fans were very excited about the making of Top Gun: Maverick but very few people thought that it would actually become one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. With critics claiming that this sequel surpasses the achievements of the 1986 original, Top Gun: Maverick has become a global phenomenon and it has translated its success into commercial returns.

The project had been planned ever since 2010 but there were many disruptions to the production process of the film, including the tragic suicide of the director Tony Scott. Finally completed after years of anticipation, Top Gun: Maverick is truly one of the most entertaining blockbusters in recent memory.

Val Kilmer, having starred in the original Top Gun, also made a return in this sequel even though he lost his ability to speak after undergoing treatment for cancer. His voice was recreated through the use of AI technology and he proved to be an important part of the film’s magic, delighting fans all over the world.

In an interview, Cruise spoke about Kilmer’s work in the film: “I think people just have to see it; I don’t even want to try. He’s such a fine actor, and you see what he brings to this movie; the power that he has. And I think that relationship and the structure of the story, where it works, I don’t want to talk about. I just want people to experience it.”

Cruise added: “Making movies, you’re constantly learning; you have to constantly work to become more and more competent in many different fields. And I want to tell them, that’s the beauty of making movies. That’s why I’ve always pushed my films to go international, around the world and in different communities. And to be part of that right from the beginning. It was my dream.”

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