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Top 5 Songs to Cook Breakfast to

It’s a favourite past time of the Far Out team, the leisurely way only people without impending work can make and enjoy making breakfast. Be it to cure a hangover or to fuel a day out, to lend a comforting hug in the shape of bacon or to slowly melt your brain like so much butter on golden toast – it’s beautiful cooking breakfast.

What’s better than cooking breakfast however, excluding eating it, is cooking with your favourite tunes, slowly nourishing the brain and turning every shake of a frying pan or juicing of an orange into a drug-addled Ainsley Harriot move. With the extra influence of instrumental instruction bacon can taste better, toast is more golden, eggs jump in to the pan and cereal drowns itself in milk.

5. The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun 

I know, it’s an obvious choice, it’s the equivalent of me picking “I’d rather have a bowl of Coco Pops!”. But sometimes stereotypical choices are stereotypical because they embody  the spirit of the event. ‘Here Comes The Sun’ with it’s dreamy intro and iconic chorus is the classic track and has to be part of your early morning routine, summer or not, it’s warm blanket sound brings comfort to an unknown day.

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4. The Selecter – On My Radio 

Two-tone legends The Selecter have always had the ability to make a person move, they are the archetypal two-tone sound, without pretension and confusion, just pure unbridled fun. They may have a message which runs through their work, and a message worth listening to at that, but their greatest achievement was ensuring the dancefloors of the 80’s were stomped with penny loafers. ‘On My Radio’ has all the trumpets and bounce necessary to make bacon and eggs and turn your kitchen into an 80’s dancefloor, with less skinhead hatred.

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3. Twin Peaks – Making Breakfast 

Chicago’s own Twin Peaks take their splicing of The Clash and The Velvet Underground to a new level with ‘Making Breakfast’ from their new album Wild Onion. Not only does the title lend itself quite well to our list, (we did look hard, i promise) but it’s slacker-rock sound and underlying sentiment of “spending time together!”, as screamed in the backing vocals, is what cooking breakfast is all about, be it with your family, loved one, one night stand or the best friend of all: bacon.

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2. Bob Marley – Stir It Up 

No Breakfast Cooking List would be complete without Bob Marley. Whether you are waking and baking or you just need someone to walk you into the day like a father holding his child’s hand on the first morning of nursery school. Fragile or still half cut this songs hits every note with a golden sunrise sonic and let’s you know that everything will fade and fall, everything will be OK, because if nothing else, you will always have coffee and ‘Stir It Up’

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1. Mac Demarco – Cooking Up Something Good 

This is song is the reason for this entire list, it is the epitome of a breakfast tune. It is laid back yet has bounce, it is comfortable yet coaxes you out of bed, it has all the energy of a muppet in a James Brown cape but still with enough haze to burn your retinas. Demarco has long been a Far Out favourite for his slacker-rock vibes and artistic drive and no more brilliantly is this displayed than in ‘Cooking Up Something Good’.

From the moment the lead line drifts out of it’s surf shack heritage and bounces along the funky bassline you know: today will be a good day. It’s melody driven mellowed out jam is the perfect fit for morning and has to be your go-to tune for any Breakfast you have had the decency of waking up for.

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Right, now don’t be daft, put on these tunes, get the kettle on and make me a bacon butty.

Bonus: Streetband – Toast 

A bonus bit of a toast for you.

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Jack Whatley