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Top 5 albums you need for January

There is madness on Oxford street as children are discarded, decency dismantled and the culture of capitalism breeds like a hungry bacteria – The January sales are here. But while Primark is set upon by hungry vultures looking to grab a deal on a jumper made by the finest bloodstained fingers of the youngest sweat-shop worker around, we are enjoying our arts and celebrating the best records out this month.

In no particular order…

Menace Beach – Ratworld  

Out on January 12th via Memphis Industries

The 5 piece band from Leeds have been long-time favourites in the office and we are eagerly anticipating the debut LP Ratworld. Not only because it is sure to be full of the lo-fi gritty attitude we have come to adore from Menace Beach, but also the limited edition blood splatter vinyl.

Produced by Hookworms and the band’s own guitarist MJ it is sure to be brimming with fuzzy garage and overflowing with grunge energy. It has to be on your shopping list.

Viet Cong – Viet Cong

Out on January 19th  via Jagjaguwar Records

The former members of the group Women reunite after the disparaging death of old member and friend Christopher Reimer. Viet Cong have built a fan base on wily post-punk attitude mixed with the blessed talent of storytelling.

Managing to combine a noise-punk ethos with craftsmanship is no mean feat. Pounding and poetic in equal measure this is a future cult classic and needs to be treated as such.

POND – Man, It Feels Like Space Again

Out on January 26th via Modular Records

The craziest Aussies since the barmy army spread their seed, POND are treating us to a trip into the Galaxy of their cerebral interpretations on their sixth studio album Man, It Feels Like Space Again.

The album differs from their usual foray into the more chaotic side of rock and roll, and instead, the band deliver an album of polished rock anthems. But don’t worry there’s still a little joke still ringing around the album. ‘Heroic Shart’ is a song title. That’s all you need to know.

Ty Segall – Mr. Face

Out on January 13th via Famous Class Records

The record churning machine that is Ty Segall has not only come out with a brand new EP for us all to gorge on the sweet garage sounds to which he is so akin but they are “The First Playable 3D Glasses”.

You can see from the set up below that this purchase will not only be a great record equipped with Ty’s unerring talent but also an obvious future collector’s item. Buy, buy, buy.

Amen Dunes – Cowboy Worship

Out on January 19th via Sacred Bones Records

New York-based Amen Dunes has announced news of a companion EP to follow the release of his critically acclaimed album ‘Love’, which came out earlier this year via Sacred Bones. Entitled ‘Cowboy Worship’, the forthcoming record is an attempt to give life to some of the music that played a crucial part in the creation of ‘Love’.

It’s set for release on Jan 19th and new track ‘Song To The Siren’, taken from the EP, is streaming online now.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and be part of the massacre on the high street.

Jack Whatley