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(Credit: Subpop)

Vevo has shared the top 10 most-viewed rock videos of all time


Vevo, the music video streaming platform, is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Now, they’re celebrating the only way they know how; by creating their own special “best of” lists and we’re starting with some rock classics.

The list is only focusing on the US but still remains a great view of what we’ve all been watching these years. With a host of incredible acts discovered by Vevo it’s easy to forget that they have a huge back catalogue of uploaded rock videos, over 400,000 in fact.

The below list shows the top 10 most-viewed videos and includes some notable favourites you’d expect to see. Nirvana ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘ is obviously high up, then Guns ‘N’ Roses’ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, which passed 1 billion views on YouTube recently, is a place ahead of Cobain and Co. But we were a little confused by the number one spot.

Perhaps confused is the wrong word, I think we mean disappointed. The top of the pile is a position held by Imagine Dragons and their hit ‘Believer’. While we go pull our hair out we think we should probably all take a long hard look in the mirror, after watching these videos.

10 – The Cranberries — ‘Zombie’

9 – Evanescence — ‘Bring Me to Life’

8 – Five Finger Death Punch — ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’

7 – AC/DC — ‘Thunderstruck’

6 – Nirvana — ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’

5 – Guns N’ Roses — ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

4 – 3 Doors Down — ‘Here Without You’

3 – Guns N’ Roses — ‘November Rain’

2 – System of a Down — ‘Chop Suey!’

1 – Image Dragons — ‘Believer’

Source: Consequence of Sound