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Tool, Mastodon and Coheed & Cambria cover Rush's song 'Anthem'


We’re big fans of Rush here in the Far Out offices and we love to see a great cover, too. You can imagine our delight then when members of Tool, Mastodon and Coheed & Cambria covered Rush’s song ‘Anthem’.

Lockdown has provided a lot of weird things, Jordan Olds’ Two Minutes To Late Night series was certainly one of them. Olds welcomed a host of metal legends for some quarantine fun, covering a number of tracks from the stupid to the sublime.

A quite staggering amount of names are included on this performance as they take on the Rush song ‘Anthem’, with Olds taking up his usual role of ‘Gwarsenio Hall’.

When we say there’s a stellar line-up, we really mean it. Included are Tool’s Danny Carey, Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher Mutoid Man’s Steve Brodsky, the legendary Les Claypool with Coheed & Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez on vocals.

The song, ‘Anthem’, was taken from Rush’s second record Fly By Night and is given a real makeover form this all-star band. You can watch the clip below and get a taste of what’s to come from the caption: “Uhhh… Holy Moley. It’s Claudio Sanchez, Bill Kelliher, Les Claypool, Danny Carey, and Steve Brodsky covering a Rush song. We’re just as surprised as you are.”

None of the artists included will be taking payment for this video and instead proceeds will be donated to The Cancer Research Institute.