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A Black Sabbath biopic has been discussed according to Tony Iommi


It seems like pretty much every legacy act from rock’s history has been given a biopic over recent years. From Motley Crue to Freddie Mercury, there have been some wild characters cast as the central figures of some of music’s best stories.

But perhaps the wildest has been saved until last as Tony Iommi reveals that a Black Sabbath biopic has been discussed. The guitarist was asked whether the icons of heavy metal would consider a biopic, and he revealed that the band had already been approached.

Asked about the chances of a Black Sabbath biopic, Iommi replied: “Yes, there was talk of it, and I don’t know what happened.” Iommi told Spin: “It sort of went out the window when all this thing [coronavirus pandemic] started. But we were talking about probably 18 months ago, about doing the biopic. I haven’t heard much else.”

Surely, as lockdown measures appear to be easing, there could be room for another musical biopic in the coming years. If that’s the case, then there is no greater story to tell than that of Ozzy Osbourne and the rest of Black Sabbath.

In more recent news, Iommi was said to be “not at all happy” with the recent leak of previously unheard Sabbath tune ‘Slapback’ which was uploaded to YouTube by the stepson of Sabbath keyboard player Geoff Nicholls.

You can listen to ‘Slapback’ taken form their 1979 sessions below.