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(Credit: Stig Nygaard)


Tony Hawk surprises East London fans to sing songs from his first video game

Over the weekend, Tony Hawk shocked fans in East London by joining a Tony Hawk cover band on stage.

The 900’s set at the Signature Brew in Haggerston consisted solely of songs from the pro skateboarder’s first video game. The room was filled with super-fans who had grown up with the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack, and understandably, the crowd went wild when the man himself showed up.

One fan wrote on Twitter, “So I went to see a Tony Hawk cover band in a small bar in East London and @tonyhawk showed up and sang some songs. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL.” Meanwhile, another posted, “Went to see a Tony Hawk Pro Skater cover band, and the man himself only went and turned up”.

In a clip posted online, Hawk tells the audience: “Thank you for having such a reverence for [the games]. It’s really been my biggest honour to have these games carry on for so long. Hey, and we’re keeping it going right? I had to join the party. Enjoy!”

Speaking to the Metro, The 900 revealed they’d been in talks with Tony for some time and had to keep the secret under wraps. “The whole night was unreal, meeting Tony was a dream come true for all of us,’ they said.

The band added: “He was super down to earth and it blew our minds when he agreed to do this. We’ve had it planned for a few weeks now but kept it a secret to try and make the night as special as possible for the crowd.”

See the clip, below.