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(Credit: Motel 7)


Tommy Lee’s son’s band Motel 7 share new EP ‘Headphones’

Tommy Lee’s son’s band Motel 7 have released a new EP entitled Headphones – you can listen to it in full below.

Comprised of Anton Khabbaz and Dylan Jagger Lee, the Los Angeles outfit’s latest release is an alt-pop project underscored by hip-hop drums and lo-fi beats.

Headphones was mostly written during the pandemic and includes last year’s ‘Are We There Yet’ – an ode to “an epic road-trip” that captures a feeling of escapism and nostalgia.

Speaking about the new EP, Khabbaz called it a “listening experience”, revealing that “not a single second thought” was given to “any lyric or production choice – everything was first instinct”.

“We literally wrote whatever we felt and what to get off our chests at that exact moment the song was made,” he continued. “We wrote every song in a different emotional state… and state of mind. I  feel like we didn’t limit ourselves to a specific ‘sound’ for this EP.”

The duo also explained the meaning behind the EP’s title. “We called this EP ‘Headphones’ because we want the music to take you away from the world a little,” they wrote. “When you wear headphones you almost want to close your eyes… But sometimes you also want to dance… And sometimes you even want to go to the beach for a run… We wanted the music to take you wherever you want it to.”

They added: “Whenever you have headphones on, it’s just you and the music… Nothing else…there’s something so beautiful about that concept.” 

Meanwhile, Mötley Crüe have sold their entire recording catalogue to BMG for a reported $150million (£112m).

Despite Variety citing sources who say the deal is roughly around the $150million mark, other sources claim it is “significantly lower.”

Discussing the deal, the band said: “It feels amazing to be collaborating with our new partners at BMG,” said the band in a collective statement. “Their extensive track record of success in rock made them the perfect home to continue preserving and growing our musical legacy, ensuring we always stay at the top.”