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Tommy Cash releases new collaboration 'Zuccenberg'


Tommy Cash, the overwhelmingly outrageous Estonian rapper, has teamed up with $uicideboy$ and Diplo to release a new single, ‘Zuccenberg’.

The song is an aggressively grating slice of nonsense, all the way down to the bastardized riff on Facebook founder and noted android Mark Zuckerberg’s name. It will be featured on Cash’s new EP, Moneysutra.

“This song is made in rage and frustration by the energy that has been boiling,” Cash says of the new song. “You can hear in it all the cancelled tours, shows and the waiting! Postponing! Things shaded by the dumb ass virus. All my friends whose clubs got closed, jobs taken away. It has all in it. It represents all that boxed in energy, but at the same time it welcomes the future. And shout to Diplo and $uicideboy$, guys were amazing to work with. Can’t wait!”

Full disclosure: I can’t understand a single word that anyone here is saying. The “la la la la la” bridge section was pretty much the only part that I wasn’t puzzled by. The beat, which I assume was made by Diplo, is pretty boilerplate hip-hop stuff. It sounds like the entire track was made in an hour, which gives it an infectious energy, but not a lot of cohesion. Between their respective incoherent lyrical styles, whatever Cash and the $uicideboy$ are talking about remains a mystery to me.

Other full disclosure: I have a real hesitancy to discuss $uicideboy$, mostly because of how uncomfortable their music makes me feel. I’m all for the idea of channelling negative/traumatic thoughts and getting something positive out of it, but I haven’t decided whether the guys are being artistic and disarmingly honest or uncouth and exploitive of suicide ideation. That’s just a personal thing, but hearing them on a track is a real hurdle that keeps me from liking any song.

Check out the official audio for ‘Zuccenberg’ down, below.