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Credit: YouTube


Tom Watkins, manager of Pet Shop Boys, Bros and East 17, has died aged 70


Tom Watkins, the famed music manager who looked after acts such as Bros, East 17 and Pet Shop Boys has died aged 70.

His friends have confirmed that the manager died on February 24th with his funeral taking place today, on the 10th March.

Though the cause of death has not yet been confirmed, the music mogul had been suffering from serious health concerns as he struggled with strokes, diabetes and a liver transplant.

Watkins first hit the big time as he managed Pet Shop Boys in 1984 and guided them to their four number-one singles. He then went on to manage Bros, cowriting their song ‘When Will I Be Famous?’ as they became one of the biggest bands in the country.

Watkins involvement with both the bands have often been criticised for a lack of compassion as he enacted a ruthless business streak. It would propel him to find another act in the 1990s as he managed boyband East 17.

Watkins is survived by his partner, Marc.