Tom Waits saxophonist Ralph Carney dies aged 61


Ralph Carney, the acclaimed saxophonist who regularly collaborated with Tom Waits, has died aged 61.

Carney, who is the uncle of the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, also co-wrote the ‘Bojack Horseman’ theme with his nephew. Beginning his career in the 70s, Carney went collaborated with artists including Tom Waits, the Black Keys, St. Vincent and Jim Jarmusch and Galaxie 500.

“Our family and friends are all devastated,” Patrick Carney wrote in a statement to Pitchfork. “He was an immensely talented musician, deeply thoughtful and funny. He will be missed by many. He inspired me. Without him I never would have listened to the music I do or even considered playing it.

“We are all heartbroken. I’ll miss you Ralph.”

Ralph passed away surrounded by his family in hospital.