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Tom Petty's widow and daughters are reportedly locked in a legal battle over his estate


It has been reported that Tom Petty’s widow and his two daughters are embroiled in a legal tug-of-war over the late singer’s will and his music rights. The singer died in October 2017 following an accidental drug overdose.

TMZ reports that his widow, Dana York Petty, and his two daughters Adria and Annakim are now said to be in an ugly feud over the singer’s estate. York-Petty has filed court documents which state she is in control of the estate, however, Adria and Annakim claim their father always wanted to the two to be involved with decision making too.

York-Petty has also accused the two daughters of verbally attacking Petty’s bandmates Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell. Adria allegedly wrote in an email to them “What I don’t have the temperament for is having my entire life raped. Being disparaged. My dad being disgraced.

“I am sorry I am not a man and can not earn your respect through the work and deeds I do.”

The court filing also stated that the daughters blocked a move to release some of Petty’s solo work as par tof the 25th-anniversary edition of Wildflowers which would have banked over $1 million in royalties.

In Gainesville, Florida, Petty’s hometown, the city had asked to rename a park after the late singer and needed artwork for a sign. Adria, again, allegedly lashed out by saying: “Your name is not Petty and you don’t have the backbone to protect the estate from a horrible image like this one. Shame on you.”

This feud looks likely to keep rolling on with the two daughters filing their own petition to state that Dana York Petty is ignoring their Father’s wishses for all three members of family to be involved with decision making. The latest petition has not yet been answered.

While all this ugliness continues let’s take a look back at the beauty of Tom Petty.