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Tom Morello takes aim at Nigel Farage during Muse support slot: "Fuck Farage"

Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, is not one to remain quiet when it comes to his disdain for UK politician Nigel Farage.

Coming from a politically charged band that like to share their views on any issues they feel strongly about, it is not surprising that Morello decided to make his feelings head during his latest performance.

Farage, who is currently the Brexit Party leader, was a highlight of Morello’s Muse support set. Whilst supporting the band on their ‘Stimulation Theory’ tour in the UK, Morello shared a special message for the Brexit Party leader during in set.

During his set last night (June 1st), Morello, raised a sign taped to his guitar to the crowd that read “Fuck Farage,” continuing his hatred towards former UKIP party leader.

This is not the first time he has criticised Nigel Farage. Back in 2018 he vowed to “dry slap” the former UKIP leader.