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(Credit: Raph PH)


Tom Morello says Rage Against The Machine is "karmically" responsible for Donald Trump's presidency

There’s a lot of things you can attribute to the rise of Rage Against The Machine and their staunch anti-establishment stance but one thing you’d wouldn’t have thought is that they feel responsible for Donald Trump becoming president.

The band’s guitarist Tom Morello, himself a political mastermind, has joked that the band are “karmically entirely responsible” for Donald Trump’s presidency after their video for ‘Sleep Now in the Fire’ featured someone holding up a sign which read “Trump for President”.

In a new interview with Interview Magazine, the guitarist was asked whether the band had a hand in the current president’s reign, “Would you say, in some sense, that Rage Against the Machine predicted all this?” Morello was deadpan in his response: “I would say that we are karmically entirely responsible, and my apologies.”

Morello shared more on the video’s conception and it’s famous director: “[Director] Michael Moore just printed up some placards and handed them out to day traders who just walked around with them.

“No one paid any attention to it. It’s funny how that became an offhand joke. Offhand joke would be a good hashtag for 2020.”

During the interview, Morello was also asked whether there was an equivalent to RATM in 2020: “I would have to admit that I do not exactly have my ear to the pavement, as I once did, but I do know that there are always artists of every genre, whether it’s hip-hop or folk music or rock and roll, who are making music to confront the status quo,” he said.

“And they may not always be at the top of the charts, but my take is that the one responsibility that you have in order to be truly authentically human is to bring your convictions into your vocation. And that applies whether you’re in a rock and roll band or whether you’re a journalist, whether you’re a high school teacher or whether you’re in the carpenter’s union. Don’t leave behind who you are in what you do.”