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Tom Hardy announces that writing has started for ‘Venom 3’

Last year, Venom: Let There Be Carnage was one of the many productions under Marvel’s lineup and it became one of those rare projects that earned more praise than the previous instalment even though there was a mixed reception. Now, Tom Hardy has taken to social media to reveal the plans for another Venom film.

After the release of Venom 2, Tom Hardy spoke about future plans: “Oh, there’s always a plan in place for more movies, there has to be. You can’t start one without thinking about the next one, like in that aspect, because this one will lead to that one. If it goes, you know? So you have to leave your lay lines out just in case.”

Adding, “You know it’s successful, which you hope it is, and you put everything into it, and make sure that this film if it’s the last film that we make is fully rounded and is just standalone. There will always be a reach out to the next, and then there [are] some very interesting options that can happen with Venom within the Venom-verse and within the universe that surrounds.”

Hardy posted the picture of the cover page of the new project’s screenplay in which he will reprise the titular role. In addition to his starring turn in Venom 3, the actor has been heavily involved in the development of the project since he shares a story credit with Kelly Marcel who is currently attached as the screenwriter.

Kelly Marcel also spoke about Hardy’s commitment to the character and the project, explaining why the actor has been so enthusiastic about the upcoming addition to the Marvel franchise. Marcel said: “He’s married to Venom. He loves this character. He’s very involved in what he thinks should happen.”

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