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Tom Hardy is recording his own grime album

Actor Tom Hardy is working on recording his own grime album, according to reports.

Earlier this year mixtape was leaked online of Hardy’s previous music work. The tape, titled ‘Falling On Your Arse 1999’, managed to impress members of the industry with standout track ‘Rented Suit Plastic Shoes’.

Now, a source close to Hardy has explained that 40-year-old is planning to work with producer Sam Williams, a man who has the likes of David Bowie on his CV.

“Tom has always had a huge passion for rapping ever since he was a young boy,” a source told a British newspaper. “In the past, he’s put songwriting on the backburner but just recently decided to pick things up again after building a friendship with producer Sam Williams.

“They’ve been busy working on a selection of songs together for an album and it’s really starting to get some steam.

“Tom’s a bit tentative about releasing it for the world but big labels including Warner have already shown an interest in picking it up, so there is real potential for it to hit the charts.”