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(Credit: Mark Mattock)


Tom Grennan shares emotional new track 'Little Bit Of Love'

Tom Grennan - 'Little Bit Of Love'

Tom Grennan has gifted fans with a New Year’s treat in the form of his emotional new track ‘Little Bit Of Love’.

The track is the latest single from the Bedford singer-songwriter’s upcoming second album Evering Road. Grennan released the first single from the record, ‘This Is The Place’, almost twelve months ago but, after the pandemic put everything on hold, Evering Road is finally set to arrive. ‘Little Bit Of Love’ sees the singer lay his heart on the line, as he powerfully pleads: “Lately I’ve been countin’ stars, And I’m sorry that I broke your heart, It’s somethin’ that I didn’t want for you, But I’m steppin’ on broken glass.”

Speaking about the track, Grennan noted: “It’s all about unconditional love and having the right to feel love and be loved, no matter who you are or where are you. Feeling like you belong and having that sense of belonging, I think right now that’s the most important thing.”

Previously discussing the themes behind the record, he added: “This album has been such a therapeutic experience, it has helped me through one of the toughest times of my life. Evering Road documents a transitional stage for me, where I felt I’ve learnt so much and grown into a new man, moving myself into a new calm and positive space.

“Gospel and soul have been a huge influence on me during this album, for me it’s so emotional yet uplifting, and I wanted to translate this DNA through my music. I’m just BUZZING for people to hear it, so hopefully it can be a lifeboat of sorts for at least one person.”

The ingredient that makes Grennan such an alluring talent is his sensational voice, which wowed on his debut record 2018’s Lighting Matches. However, on the releases so-far from Evering Road, his voice seems to have elevated to an even finer level. The emotions that the 25-year-old can make a listener feel throughout a song are dazzling, and ‘Little Bit Of Love’ is a shining example of that gift.