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Credit: A. Savin

Blink 182's Tom DeLonge has been drafted in by the US Army to help them with finding aliens


Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge has been closer and closer to finally finding other lifeforms in our universe and while we all laughed, now, the US Army has offered him a research contract to help identify UFOs.

The former frontman of the pop-punk princes, DeLonge has been focusing on his outer space project To the Stars Academy (TTSA) for some time now. While the music world generally giggled at such a change in career for DeLonge it appears that the joke was likely all on us.

The organisation got a massive win when the US Navy confirmed that some videos recently sent their way, after being made public by the UFO research organisation, showed “unknown” objects in American airspace.

Now, Business Insider reports that US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command is interested in DeLonge’s technology research. They’re the most interested in “material science, space-time metric engineering, quantum physics, beamed energy propulsion, and active camouflage, have the potential to enhance survivability and effectiveness of multiple Army systems.”

The deal will see the army providing facilities and resources for TTSA’s journey into exploring “material and technology innovations in order to develop enhanced capabilities for Army ground vehicles.”

Aerospace Division Director Steve Justice for TTSA said the deal “is necessary to advance the state-of-the-art in both our near and long-term technology areas of study.”

“While the Army has specific military performance interests in the research, much of the work is expected to have dual-use application in support of TTSA’s path to commercialisation and public benefit mission.”

So, yes, Tom DeLonge is likely to be employed by the US Government to help with the identification of UFOs. This is the world we live in.