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Todd Alcott shares his favourite indie records reimagined as classic pulp book covers


Todd Alcott has a very special hobby. Aside from his professional roles as a screenwriter, director and so much more, he’s also become well-known for his brilliant reimagining of albums as classic pulp book covers. The latest set we’ve found is the brilliant indie set which includes Talking Heads, Joy Division, The Rolling Stones and more.

Having initially begun creating pulp fiction book covers as a fun act of creativity, Alcott’s work began to gain recognition as fans of his cultural crossovers started demanding the opportunity to get their hands on a copy. What ensued was the filmmaker setting up what is now a hugely successful Etsy page for fans to buy prints.

Initially, Alcott caught our attention because of his brilliant re-working of classic David Bowie albums as pulp book covers. But this move into different artists has left us wanting more and more.

Alcott told Open Culture “these are the artists I love, I connect to their work on a deep level, and I try to make things that they would see and think ‘Yeah, this guy gets me.’” and that connection can be found in every lovingly made piece.

Take a look below at the set of covers including Bowie, Rolling Stones, New Order, King Crimson and more.

(Images via Etsy)