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(Credit: Sebastian Ervi)


Tobias Jesso Jr. goes back to his roots with ‘Don’t’

Removing himself from the vigour which encouraged his melancholy sounds in the recent LP Goon Tobias Jesso Jr is now going back to his ivory tinkling roots.

But you needn’t worry, he is still hitting emotional and poignant targets with incredible delicacy and intense accuracy.

His despair is compounded by the gaps he leaves in the music, the special awareness of Tobias is imperative to ‘Don’t’ and he completes the arrangement with aplomb. Speaking of infidelity his sadness and desperation permeate every note or lack thereof.

Reminiscent of his early demos this is another brilliantly delivered ballad. Sorry, if the weekend was tough for your love life, we’re not going to make it any easier with this one.